Liuwa Plain Safari

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An untouched, Eden-like haven of wide open plains and wooded islands, covering roughly 3,500 km2 in Western Zambia, the Liuwa Plain National Park is an area that few people have visited but many would love to! Flooded and inaccessible between December and May, the park is open to visitors in the dry season, when the huge herds of antelope and healthy numbers of attendant predators play out a daily struggle for privileged guests to witness.

The park is most famous for a vast blue wildebeest migration, which generally occurs during the rains. Unnavigable for most of the rainy season, your best chance to see this is towards the end or beginning of the rainy season, when Robin Pope Safaris run set departures to the plains. The sight of endless lines of wildebeest, zebra and other wildlife stretching as far as the eye can see on a wide open plain is reminiscent of East Africa, but significantly there will be no other cars or people in this vista! Other Liuwa highlights include rare sightings of cheetah, lion and wild dog, plus some fabulous birdlife, including pelicans, storks, cranes, fish eagles and egrets. Wildlife encounters here don’t have the sheer regularity of elsewhere in Zambia, but there is something intangibly special about them.

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