Lunar Rainbow

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A romantic and utterly unique view of the Victoria Falls, the chance to view a lunar rainbow amidst the mighty waters is a privilege only feasible for those that time their visit to perfection and get lucky with the weather! Each full moon, the rainforest area surrounding the Falls is opened to visitors hoping for a view of this natural phenomenon, when the combination of unobstructed moonlight and abundant spray create refraction that causes an ethereal lunar rainbow to appear amid the gloaming. Although not as colourful and easy to photograph as its daytime equivalent, this is a magical sight that serves as a reminder of nature’s timeless beauty.

The Zambian side of the Falls tends to provide the best conditions for viewing a lunar rainbow, as the moon rises behind viewers to provide a clearer view, although guests are still reliant on a relatively cloudless, rain-free night to maximise viewing possibilities. Tours usually run on three days over the course of the full moon period, with early evening, when the moon is at its lowest and the visits are operated, generally being the best time to see the rainbow.

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