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Available only during a stay at Tafika Camp, this is a thrilling and unquestionably unique perspective from which to view the South Luangwa landscapes and wildlife. John Coppinger of Remote Africa Safaris has a commercial pilot’s licence and will be your guide as you enjoy the unusual experience of looking down on pods of hippo, sweeping herds of antelope, storks nesting in trees and lone giraffes wandering the plains, all from a craft that is part motorbike with wings, part James Bond gadget. Getting a bird’s eye view of all this also gives access to a privileged view of the topography of the Luangwa Valley, with its miombo woodland, open plains, oxbow lagoons and sweeping bends in the river.

Flights take place at sunrise to minimise turbulence and view active animals, with an average duration of 15 – 20 minutes. In contrast to the flights at Victoria Falls, you will generally stay relatively low and resultantly feel a little less vulnerable and exposed, although there will certainly be some changes in altitude to vary the views. There are very few safari destinations on the continent where this experience is available, so guests at Tafika must give it a try!

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