Photographic Hides

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A number of camps in the South Luangwa have photographic hides, allowing guests to relax in a shaded area for an hour or two and get an outstanding range of close ups, panoramic shots and intimate captures of wildlife behaviour that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It’s goodbye to camera shake, the arrival of other vehicles or an engine starting up just as you’re about to get that award winning shot. With plenty of time to focus on usually a single type of animal (although birds and other wildlife tend to make frequent guest appearances), patience and imagination really can be rewarded with photographs that will wow friends on your return home.

The most renowned hides are operated by Shenton Safaris, set up in different areas to focus on hippos, elephants, antelope and carmine bee eaters, and their hides have been much used by National Geographic and the BBC. There is also a great hippo hide at Norman Carr Safaris’ Luwi Camp, and other examples at various other camps run by each of the major Luangwa players.

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